Dr. Arya Nielsen Seminars

NEW: Gua sha Practicum in San Diego, CA

November 6-7, 2023  

a Pacific Symposium 2023 post symposium Practicum

Register at this link: 

Schedule – Pacific Symposium 2023 (pacificcollege.edu) (scroll to end of page at the Pacific Symposium link)

For questions specific to this event Contact: arya@guasha.com (Subject heading: Pacific Symposium Practicum 2023) Participant must have completed or be engaged with the Gua sha Certification Course

Arya Nielsen Gua Sha 11 Module Package | Healthy Seminars

The Gua sha Practicum is a hands-on workshop that clarifies the safe application of Gua sha, engages and assesses each participants Gua sha technique. Evaluation checklist includes

  • Updates on Gua sha Safety Guidelines
  • Clinical Indications: Signs, symptoms, Tongue and palpation: how to check for sha
  • Preparations for treatment: Patient positioning; Practitioner position and tool grip
  • Press-stroking guidelines: angle, direction, stroke pressure and stroke length: lecture, demo, practice
  • Pediatric and special techniques
  • Clinical guidelines: significance sha color, tongue changes, sxs changes within the session & resolution of    sha within session & after
  • Patient communications

Teaching / Speaking Dates

Arya Nielsen, PhD

Sunday November 5, 2023

Pacific Symposium San Diego, CA

Current Research on Acupuncture Therapy for Acute Pain (Sunday 11:10-noon) AOM-Bio CEU

Arya Nielsen, PhD, is well known for her work as a researcher, teacher and writer on the subject of acupuncture as part of comprehensive pain care. She used evidence to advocate for the shift in requirements for hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission to require nonpharmacologic options for pain. Dr. Nielsen reviews the most recent evidence regarding treatment for acute pain.

Acupuncture Therapy for Acute Pain: Inpatient and Emergency Department Settings 2-5 PM

3 AOM-Bio CEUs

Most acupuncturists are not aware of the research done in hospitals and emergency departments. Dr. Nielsen, who is published on acupuncture for acute pain and consults on research projects related to acupuncture for acute pain in the emergency department, will share her experience and provide a map for understanding and communicating about acupuncture for acute pain.

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