By using historical examinations of East Asian medical texts, cross-cultural historical documents, contemporary scholarly sources, interviews with living elder practitioners and her own keen clinical experience (Dr. Nielsen) has brought Gua Sha to the center of Oriental medicine clinical practice. She has found a precious lost ring that might have gone down the drain of disuse.
Ted J. Kaptchuk - Author: The Web That Has No Weaver

Harvard Medical School

Arya Nielsen has a fresh instructive style as a writer that reflects her long experience as a teacher of Chinese medicine. The book is…a valuable practical manual for all hands on practitioners.
Harvey Gale, OMD

Pacific Journal of Oriental Medicine

With a deep and broad historic perspective, Arya Nielsen has enormously enriched my associations with Gua Sha, which…I had learned from my own Chinese teacher as a remarkable and often miraculous intervention for afflictions resistant to the ministrations of biomedical technologies in which I was originally trained. …Through Dr. Nielsen’s erudite discussion of the San Jiao, my appreciation of this...
Leon Hammer, MD

Author, Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies, Psychology and Chinese Medicine

I first came across this book at an acupuncture conference in 1996. It was one of my best purchases of the year. The book covers in depth, a topic only glanced upon in most acupuncture schools. The technique is not just for acupuncturists. I believe it’s a must read for massage professionals, especially if your hands are starting to wear...
Michael Suchyta


Gua Sha is a great technique for anyone who uses palpation to guide and inform their practice. This book gives an excellent history and how-to of Gua Sha, is the first book in English on the subject.
Mark Seem, Ph.D., LAc

Author: BodyMind Energetics A New American Acupuncture

I learned Gua sha by reading Arya Nielsen’s book. I now know why she says it is the best technique. You cannot get the same results any other way.

Acupuncturist, Israel

I work with Chinese medicine (herbs and acupuncture) and with osteopathy. In my practice, Gua sha has become a valuable addition to both medical systems. In Chinese treatments, it enhances the effect of both acupuncture and herbs, both in very chronic, stubborn conditions, where phlegm and/or blood stasis are involved, and in acute problems caused by invasion of external evils....
Dr. Andreas Höll


The biggest benefit often comes from easy things! This is especially true for the traditional therapy Gua Sha. The focus of my dental office is the treatment of chronic myofascial pain and dysfunction syndromes. I’ve been using Gua Sha for two years. The basic techniques and theories were very easy to learn. The results have been extraordinary positive! More and...
Dr. Erich Wühr

Kötzting, Germany

I met a woman who worked with amputees. In a very short time I taught her how to perform Gua sha and she reported back to me that it was very effecting in healing the phantom pains associated with amputation.
Virginia Wood

Acupuncturist, Italy

I treated a patient who had shoulder and back pain that resulted from injury sustained in an auto accident. After the first Gua sha treatment his pain went from a 10 to a 2. After several more sessions his shoulder pain was completely resolved and his back pain was greatly reduced. Before treatment he was taking Demerol, Oxycontin and Skelaxin...

Class of 2000

The Gua sha seminar is the most useful class I have ever taken!

Acupuncturist, New York City