The biggest benefit often comes from easy things! This is especially true for the traditional therapy Gua Sha. The focus of my dental office is the treatment of chronic myofascial pain and dysfunction syndromes. I’ve been using Gua Sha for two years. The basic techniques and theories were very easy to learn. The results have been extraordinary positive! More and more patients start to request for Gua sha! I was able to improve the efficacy of my acupuncture and Tuina treatments by combining it with Gua sha. Gua Sha is part of my daily practice. The students in my seminars are very fond of the Gua sha technique. I am absolutely sure that especially due to the simplicity and efficacy Gua Sha will be spread quickly in the Western world.

Dr. Erich Wühr is the author of: Systemische Medizin; Kraniofaziale Orthopädie; Chinesische Syndromdiagnostik

Dr. Erich Wühr

Kötzting, Germany