I work with Chinese medicine (herbs and acupuncture) and with osteopathy. In my practice, Gua sha has become a valuable addition to both medical systems.

In Chinese treatments, it enhances the effect of both acupuncture and herbs, both in very chronic, stubborn conditions, where phlegm and/or blood stasis are involved, and in acute problems caused by invasion of external evils. Especially in acute wind-cold and wind-heat there is nothing as effective, fast and cheap as a Gua sha treatment. If you use it at the right time it is even better than herbs.

As for osteopathy, I use guasha frequently after structural osteopathic treatments when I have the impression that the superficial fascia is involved in the patient´s problems, whether by mechanical or metabolic function. For example, Gua sha over the lumbosacral region after manipulating the lumbar spine and/or the sacroiliac joints can stabilize the treatment results and dramatically add to the reduction of soft tissue and muscle pain in that area.

I am glad and grateful Dr. Nielsen has introduced Gua sha to Western practitioners of Chinese and other systems of medicine.

Dr. Andreas Höll